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Thanking you for stopping by our website.  At South Georgia Heart Pine, we can provide you with a quality custom heart pine floor or custom wood piece that you will enjoy for years to come.

We are a family business and do all the work ourselves from start to finish.  You will find that we offer the lowest prices on reclaimed heart pine flooring and we encourage you to compare.  Once you do, we know you will choose South Georgia Heart Pine for your next project.

Hundreds of years ago majestic forests of towering Long-leaf Pines spread throughout the Southeastern United States. Trees stood well over 100 feet in height and the cores of these trees were called Heart Pine.  Heart Pine is one of the finest woods available to man.  This hard and durable wood was used in the early 19th century for building many homes and some large factories. Because the wood was in such demand, the forests were almost depleted by the 1920s.

Today, Heart Pine is available by reclaiming the wood from buildings built before 1920. We recover our wood ourselves from old schools, homes, churches and warehouses.  Each floor is unique and has it's own story.  We look forward to creating a story for your home.  Please contact us for a quote.


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